Spain Train Crash Video: Derailment Kills at Least 77, Injures 100-Plus

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A train derailed at high speeds in Northwest Spain on Wednesday, killing at least 77 people and injured over 100 more, according to news reports.

It is said to be one of the worst train accidents in European history.

A video posted online early Thursday appears to show raw footage of the crash. Watch it below, but please be aware that it is very graphic and scary:

Bodies covered in blankets lay next to the overturned carriages as smoke billowed from the wreckage, witnesses on the scene recalled afterward.

Firefighters clambered over the twisted metal trying to get survivors out of the windows, while ambulances and fire engines surrounded the scene.

The government said it was working on the assumption that the crash, on the eve of Santiago De Compostola's main religious festival, was an accident.

The local tourism board said all festivities, including the traditional High Mass at the centuries-old cathedral, were canceled as the city went into mourning.

Sabotage or attack was unlikely to be involved, an official source said.

However, the devastation will no doubt stir memories of a train bombing in Madrid in 2004, carried out by Islamist extremists, that killed 191 people.