Kris Jenner Pulls North West Photo Fake Out: A New Low?

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According to various reports, Kris Jenner pushed for the Kim Kardashian sex tape, knowing footage of her daughter taking it from Ray J would propel the family to new, famous heights.

And yet the reality star still managed to sink to a new low today.

Prior to the debut of Kris on Fox affiliates in six major cities, the talk show posted a photo of its host cradling a baby on its Facebook page, telling folks to tune in because "you never know who will stop by."

The not-so-subtle implication? That was North West, who would be making his public debut on the program.

Kris Jenner Laughing

Except that it wasn't.

The baby in question belonged to Jenner's stylist and she used it purely to trick viewers into tuning in.

Yes, Jenner's one-month old grandchild - or the mere idea of her one-month old grandchild, in this case - has become a prop in her never-ending quest for ratings and attention.

"Kim's just got to do that on her own time," Kris told the audience of when we might see Kim Kardashian and her baby. "Let her have her privacy for a little bit and calm down. And when she comes out, she comes out."

Yes. Because we're the ones who continue to bring up Kim and her child's first appearance.

What do you think of Jenner's North West fake-out? It is...


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