Kate Upton Topless Horse Photo: Uncensored? Or Fake?

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Last month, a viral video surfaced of Kate Upton topless on a horse.

If you're a straight male, you likely heard about this development.

Kate Upton Hot Photo

Fortunately for the Internet's sake, TMZ digitally censored Kate Upton’s chest with a pair of big red stars. The web may have full-on crashed otherwise.

Even so, the video has since been taken down ... however, a purportedly uncensored photo of Kate topless on a horse has leaked. But is it legit?

The leaked photo - allegedly a screen grab from the original video - shows Kate Upton nude from the waist up, Could a frame or two have escaped editing?

Unlikely, but possible, we suppose, and certainly good enough for discussion. We invite you to take a (NSFW) look at the image below and decide:

Kate Upton Topless Horse Photo

What do you think? Is the uncensored photo of Kate Upton topless on a horse fake? And does it matter, considering how hot all Kate Upton pics are?

Share your comments with us below!


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