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Jamie Foxx donned a t-shirt in honor of slain teen Trayvon Martin at the BET Awards last night.

But the actor says he wasn’t make any kind of political statement with the act.

“The reason for the shirt is that I met his mom personally… it’s not political, it’s not left, it’s not right, it’s not black, it’s not white, this is about the kid,” Foxx told Kevin Frazier of The Insider, adding:

Sela Vave

“For all of us, no matter what color you are… I have kids [one who is] 19. I have a kid who’s 4. You want to protect them.”


At the MTV Movie Awards in April, Foxx wore a different shirt with the faces of Martin and the children killed at the Newtown shooting on it.

Accompanying those images were the words “Know Justice, Know Peace.”

The George Zimmerman trial, meanwhile, is underway with the man accused of murdering Martin claiming he acted in self-defense.