Aaron Hernandez Rented Secret "Flop House" For Storage, Police Say

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NFL star turned murder suspect Aaron Hernandez is believed to have rented a secret "flop house" near his home for storage, according to police.

A. Hernandez

After Hernandez was charged with first-degree murder for the execution-style shooting of Odin Lloyd, more and more information has come out.

The latest revelation? A $1,200/month apartment he leased in Franklin, Mass., with boxes of ammunition and other items of interest inside.

Police found out about it from Carlos Ortiz, one of Hernandez’s friends, who said he was with the athlete the night he allegedly made plans to shoot Lloyd.

Articles of clothing recovered from the apartment are similar to what Hernandez had worn the night of the crime, June 17, according to law enforcement.

A sweatshirt found there could be used to assist in linking Hernandez to the scene of the crime, while a hat could help establish his recent whereabouts.

Among the most intriguing items seized from the flop house:

  • A white hoodie “consistent in color and type with the sweatshirt Hernandez is observed to be wearing on surveillance cameras" the night of the homicide.
  • A red baseball cap worn by Hernandez to a club the night before. Officials say Hernandez’s anger at Lloyd could've been sparked by an incident there.
  • Five boxes of .45 ammunition (the caliber of the shells found on Lloyd’s body), five boxes of rifle ammunition, and one box of .22-caliber ammunition.

Lloyd was dumped at an industrial complex about a mile from Hernandez’s home in North Attleboro, Mass., not far from the apartment he leased.

A theory regarding Aaron Hernandez's motive was that Lloyd inside information about Hernandez’s role in a 2012 double-homicide in Boston.

He is considered a person of interest in those two additional murders.

Hernandez’s attorneys say the items recovered from the Franklin apartment is circumstantial, while he’s eager to clear his name from the murder charge.

The all-star tight end was cut loose from the New England Patriots and his five-year, $40 million contract immediately following his arrest for Lloyd's murder.

He recently welcomed his first child with fiancee Shayanna Jenkins.

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