The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Angry Italians

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey gave us a confrontation between "Gym Rats." We recap the foul mouthed tirades and insults in THG's +/- review!

Angry Italians

Honestly, if you are buying a book from any of the Real Housewives for marriage advice, you should probably just file the divorce papers now.

Or admit yourself to the nearest asylum because that's just crazy. Minus 22.

Still, I'm sure Melissa Gorga's book on having a happy marriage will sell with words of wisdom from husband Joe like, "The sex is important."

Sort of gives credence to Filomena Guidice's words when she basically says that Melissa dresses like a prostitute. Maybe Joe picks out her clothes.

Plus 10 to the publishers…who actually expect Melissa to write a little something before she starts cashing the checks. Right now that bible on marriage is looking more like a pamphlet.  

But Minus 18 for pushing her to add stories about her philandering father who was killed in a car accident when she was a teenager. Is it more heart they're looking for…or more salaciousness?

The entire cast of the show swears they're done with Teresa Guidice but why can't they stop talking about her. Minus 9.

And if Jacqueline is wondering if Teresa's a sociopath, then what the heck is Rosie?

The woman can't hold a conversation for more than five minutes without screaming and causing a ridiculous scene…even at her niece's birthday party.

One moment Victoria is giving a very sweet speech about sharing her birthday with her father, "the first man I ever loved."  And plus 15 to her. The girl seems to possess more tact and sense than most of her family.

Moments later we hear Rosie spouting, "Take it up the ass, Teresa" and "I'm going to speak my mind. I don't give a sh*t.."  Minus 30. I don't mind her speaking her mind but does she have to sound like a foul mouthed truck driver every time she does it?

You can't blame Teresa for ruining that party. She wasn't even there.

The only people not talking about Teresa seem to be Caroline Manzo's sons. Chris and Albie have a new venture. Imagine that people didn't want to drink black water. Go figure.

They're opening their own restaurant in Hoboken called Little Town NJ. They're following in their father's footsteps and you now what…best of luck to them. Plus 10.

But let's get back to the gym.  Where does Teresa get that incredibly gaudy work out wear? And you can tell that she's serious about working out by her long flowing hair and full makeup. If you missed it, yes. I'm being sarcastic. Minus 9.

Then T spots her brother across the room and things turn bad quick.

Joe reminds Teresa of every horrible thing she's said about his wife…which she mostly denies.   Then he brings Teresa's husband into it.

At first I wanted to call foul but since Teresa's always bashing his wife I guess turn around is fair play but when he threw out,  "I respect my wife. I don't call my wife a c**t" I began to think he'd gone too far.  Minus 13.

But it was Teresa who made laugh when she shot back with,  "He didn't call me that to my face."  

So it's OK if her husband calls her the C word to other people then. Maybe Melissa should write the down for her book. That's just ... incredibly sad. Minus 35.

I think that water bottle is the first thing Teresa has thrown all season. Plus 12. It's good to have things get back to normal.

Somehow I don't see a happy family reunion any time in the near future.


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