The Heat Reviews: A Buddy Cop Out?

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The Heat generated the wrong kind of heat across the Internet a few weeks ago, as star Melissa McCarthy was Photoshopped down to a smaller size in at least one movie poster.

As for the film itself? Will it leave viewers out in the cold?

Read through these White House Down reviews, compare them to what critics are saying about The Heat, and decide which movie to attend this weekend now...

The Heat Poster

Give these ladies a genuinely smart, funny script -- and give McCarthy more to play than what has become a tiresome tomboy shtick -- and there's no telling what liberated heights they can reach. - The Washington Post

The cookie-cutter plot might have worked if the jokes were good. - The Toronto Star

Bullock specializes in awkward and uptight, McCarthy in aggressive and unfiltered. "The Heat" makes the most of those differences. - The Los Angeles Times

The Heat is the best female buddy-cop movie since, well, ever. - USA Today

It's disappointing that "The Heat" doesn't do more than take an established film template - in this case, the buddy-cop flick - throw in a Tarantino-size helping of F-bombs, cast a couple of women and call it a day. - Arizona Republic

The screen team of the season , Bullock and McCarthy , deliver a sizzling hot summer comedy. Over the top , but undeniable fun. - Movieline

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