Skylar Neese Case: Teen Murdered By Two Closest Friends

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The murder of Skylar Neese by her two closest friends - one of whom confessed to stabbing her and lying about it for months - shocked her hometown.

Skylar Neese Photo

Skylar, a West Virginia teen, disappeared on July 6, 2012 and for six months her family and friends searched for her and pleaded for her return.

Rachel Shoaf and an unidentified teen had been her best friends for years and they cried with her parents and helped look for their missing friend.

All the while, knowing they were guilty of her murder.

Skylar, 16, came home from work at a fast food restaurant and was last seen on surveillance video in her apartment complex climbing out of her bedroom window.

When Skylar didn’t return that night or go to school or work the next day and her parents alerted the police and a six-month long search for her began.

Rachel and the other girl, who has not been identified because she has not been charged as an adult yet, were constantly with Skylar’s parents.

“She walked in when she came here. She didn’t even knock. She was like our daughter,” Dave Neese said of their relationship with the unidentified girl.

The girls misled investigators and Skylar’s parents until January when Rachel finally confessed that they had lured their friend out with them.

At that point, they drove her to a remote area in Wayne Township, Pa., where at an agreed upon time, they stabbed her repeatedly for unknown reasons.

During the May 1 hearing prosecutor Marcia Ashdown said the girls tried to bury Skylar but were unable so they covered her body with branches.

Her mother, Mary Neese, said the girls didn’t tell the truth and that is how they were finally arrested. “One after another, just lie, lie, lie,” she said.

“Did the same thing to the police."

"That’s how the police got onto them, because they would forget what they told them at one point and tell them another, totally different story.”

Classmates of the girls told authorities that they even overheard them talking about the murder but didn’t believe that they were telling the truth.

The unidentified teen posted a picture online with Skylar and wrote a note begging her to come home, despite being involved in her disappearance.