Lisa Rinna Makes Like Marilyn Monroe, Weirds Everyone Out

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The incomparable Lisa Rinna is apparently channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe in a new Instagram photo. One no one was probably anxious to see.

Lisa Rinna as Marilyn Monroe

Lisa didn’t say why she posed in this manner, but it's likely for Sing Your Face Off, where she and other celebrity contestants take on the identity of a legend.

Yes, that is apparently a real reality show.

The former Days Of Our Lives actress is seen with her lips, famously filled with filler, painted fuchsia as she pouts "seductively," her eyes half closed.

Lisa, seen with shoulder length blonde hair in what is likely a wig, captioned the picture: "I went blonde. Now lets see if they have more fun."

Or let's not. We can go either way on it.