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Leyla Ghobadi has come out and directly addressed Kim Kardashian.

Yes, after spilling her scandalous guts to Star and claiming she slept with Kanye West in the past few months, the Canadian model has taken to Twitter and given Kim the world’s most half-hearted apology.

“Sorry,” Ghobadi wrote. “Maybe I went about this the wrong way but how else am I meant to get thru?”

The 24-year old added: “I am NOT the bad guy in this situation, nothing more 2 say.”


But then, naturally, she said more.

In light of Kanye denying the affair, Ghobadi went ahead and doubled down on her story.

Via Radar Online, she now says West “was aggressive in his pursuit“ and: “I admit I didn’t have to do it – I got caught up in the situation. I used to idolize him.”

And if you believe the rapper over the model?

“To the haters –u don’t know s**t about the situation,” Leyla Tweeted. “Everyone else who’s being supportive; thank you.”

Do you believe Kanye West cheated on Kim Kardashian with Leyla Ghobadi?