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For Kate Middleton, it’s the final countdown. Ba-da-DA-da!

Due on July 11, the Duchess of Cambridge is “really enjoying her final weeks of pregnancy,” as she hunkers down and anxiously awaits the big moment.

She’s still marveling at the wonder of it all, says a source.

“Kate finds pregnancy fascinating,” an insider claims. “She still says, ‘I simply can’t believe it’ when you talk to her about a baby being inside her.'”

The father-to-be is just as transfixed, the source adds.


“They’re both so excited and have so many questions,” and like most parents-to-be, “they want to know what the baby will look like and who it will take after.”

Kate Middleton plans to give birth naturally at London’s St. Mary’s Hospital, and until the much-anticipated day, she “wants to be near William in the final weeks.”

“It’s important to her.”

Crazy, we know.

Ensconced at the couple’s home near William’s Royal Air Force post in Anglesy, Wales, there’s even an emergency plan in case should she go into labor early.

Here’s hoping it all goes well as we await the arrival!

What do you think she’s having!?