Justin Bieber Loses Monkey in Florida, Enrages Private Jet Company

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Justin Bieber kept a private jet grounded in South Florida for eight hours yesterday while he searched for his pet monkey, according to reports.

Justin Bieber, Monkey

The singer, who was in Miami for Game 7 of the NBA Finals, chartered a private jet to take him home to L.A. It was supposed to take off at 11 a.m. EDT.

Bieber did not show until 3 p.m., and then said he wasn't ready to leave because he needed to retrieve his monkey from nearby West Palm Beach.

Four more hours passed, and JB actually chartered a helicopter to bypass street traffic and retrieve the primate. Finally, just before 8 p.m., the plane left.

It is not confirmed that the monkey made it on board with Justin.

Meanwhile, back home in his Calabasas gated community, Biebs' loser friends Lil Twist and Lil Za were terrorizing his neighborhood as usual.

And we thought Paula Deen had the worst PR people ever.

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