Jenny McCarthy Carl's Jr. Commercial: Vegan, Schemgan!

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Jenny McCarthy has taken a break from tussling with Amanda Bynes - and apparently only eating vegan recipes - to star in a new commercial for Carl's Jr.

The spot focuses on McCarthy chowing down on the chain's cranberry walnut grilled chicken salad, despite the fact that she told Rachael Ray in 2009 that she didn't eat meat and often dined on vegan pancakes.

"I'm excited to be the new Carl's Jr. salad babe. I'm loving all the ingredients in their new salad," McCarthy told Us Weekly. "Each bite is scrumptious and a little nutty. Reminds me of a few exes I've dated."

Okay, that's a pretty good line.

Previous famous endorsers of Carl's Jr. include Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton and Heidi Klum.

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