Farrah Abraham: Taking Drinking & Drugs Seriously 'Cause the #MomInMe Cares

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Farrah Abraham says she's turning over a new leaf.

Not when it comes to porn, plastic surgery and being a self-obsessed pathological liar. Gosh no. But she says she is taking drugs and drinking seriously.

Farrah Abraham Boob Job Picture

After pleading guilty to DUI and ordered to go completely sober for six months, she's showing the world that she's doing just that ... 'cause the #MomInMe cares.

“Take Drinking & Drugs seriously! the #MomInMe cares,” Farrah Abraham tweeted this week, with a photo of her blood alcohol concentration calculator.

"#No Drinking for #6 months #NoProblem, Now time to #Party :) !!"

If only the mom in her cared before driving while WAY over the legal limit, which she then tried to explain away by saying she was "only parking."


We suppose as long as she quits driving drunk, we can tolerate her fishing for credit for stuff that a normal, responsible parent just does.

As for whether she's setting the right example for Sophia by making that Farrah Abraham porn and then lying about it repeatedly, that's another story.

And how about that Farrah Abraham boob job? Wow. Just ... wow.

Why one needs to upgrade one's fake boobs another cup size, we have no idea, but you can see the results on display for you in the photo above.

She's definitely outshining Kim Kardashian in that department.


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