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On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, the lovely Desiree Hartsock heads to Germany and has her first two-on-one date of the summer season.

You won’t need any The Bachelorette spoilers to tell you that she’s had better times. She calls it “the most awkward date of my life” a new blog post.

“I’ve watched two-on-one dates on TV, but having to live one was painful,” she wrote of the nightmare date scenario co-starring Michael and Ben Scott.

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Over dinner, Michael asks Ben why he doesn’t get along with the other guys in the house, which has been an issue since the very first episode.

Ben says he’s not focused on making friends but rather wants to get to know Desiree Hartsock, which she seems to appreciate … but for how long?


Later, Desiree asks the guys about family traditions, Ben says he wants to go to church every Sunday with his family, but Michael calls him out.

According to his rival, Ben is basically a liar who didn’t attend an Easter Sunday service in Germany when all the other men did go to the event.

“I feel so uncomfortable being in the middle of Ben and Michael,” Desiree Hartsock says, ominously. “I may want to let both of them go.”

Will she?? Only time (and the link above) will tell.