Desiree Hartsock: Outraged at Brian Jarosinski, Sympathic Toward Stephanie Larimore

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Desiree Hartsock received quite a surprise last night.

As predicted weeks ago by The Bachelorette spoilers, one of her suitors had a girlfriend back home. That, in and of itself, would not be entirely stunning.

The fact that Stephanie Larimore showed up to confront Brian Jarosinski, though? That's a new one even by Bachelorette contrived drama standards!

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As a girl who was kind of into Brian (he made it through two rose ceremonies, and had a good chance going forward), Desiree was far from pleased.

Not as far from pleased as Steph, but still. Far from it.

"I had no idea that Brian had a girlfriend back home or that he had unresolved problems with her. I was disgusted when I heard the news," she writes.

Des was "even more outraged when I learned Stephanie is a single mother. It made me mad that someone could be so deceitful and disrespect women in that way."

"Regardless of whether Brian and Stephanie were still together or not, there was no chance he was there for the right reasons - or that he was staying."

"He wasted my time and took the spot of another guy that did have the right intentions. I just wanted him out of the house and to put it all behind me."

As for the rest of the episode, the rose-giver says it couldn't have gone any better.

"I absolutely loved having two group dates this week on The Bachelorette! It was really important to have as much time as possible with each guy," she adds.

"I also wanted to see who could make the most of competition while being a great sport and who could really stand out in a crowd and be a lone ranger."

"I mean, what girl doesn't like to see hot guys engage in friendly competition?"

Looks like she's got a good feeling about the season, too: "At the end of this week I felt confident and hopeful that my future husband was within this group."

Moving on to next week?

"We're heading to Atlantic City! Watch as the men try to fight for the title of "The Bachelorette's Mr. America" with their hot bodies and unique talents."

"It is going to be quite the show!

Indeed it is, Des. Indeed.

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