Chrissy Teigen to Haters: F--k Off Already!

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Chrissy Teigen is a woman who puts it all out there. In every sense.

As we all know by now, John Legend's fiancee does not shy away from confrontation. She proved as much again when some idiot mocked her recent GQ spread.

Yes ... someone complained about seeing Chrissy Teigen nude.

Chrissy Teigen GQ Photo

The model posted a screen shot of a guy telling her to "keep your clothes on" because she was "not sexy and all" and "[looks] like a vertical Park Bench."

"Such devotion to a lame dis," the 27-year-old noted, mock-applauding the tweeter, before saying, "Really tired of men being such critical pricks."

"Seriously. All day I just get jabs about my face and body from men. I know it seems so stupid but reading s--t like this all day every day. F--k off, already."

"It's easy to tell someone not to care. But the fact is, it gets to me."

"Sigh. Rant done."

Rant away, CT.

While no one's saying you have to bow down and worship Chrissy Teigen or Kate Upton topless, what do you accomplish by insulting them on Twitter?

Also, calling her a vertical park bench is neither accurate nor funny. So get a life, douchebag, and don't hate on Chrissy just because she's beautiful.