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Warren Buffett is now on Twitter, ladies and gentlemen.

The 82-year-old sadly did not select the handle @OracleOfOmaha, opting for the simpler @WarrenBuffett when he joined the service this morning.

His entire, awesome Twitter history to date:

Mariah Carey's World
(Frederick M. Brown)

“Warren is in the house.” Enough said.

The handle has not yet been verified by Twitter, because it’s only been about an hour and fifteen minutes, during which he’s gained 73,000 followers.

However, it was confirmed by Fortune, which hosted the Berkshire Hathaway CEO and one of the world’s richest people on a live webcast Thursday.

Other recent big-name converts to the social media site include Rupert Murdoch (@RupertMurdoch) and the Big Dog himself, Bill Clinton (@BillClinton).