The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Hot In Here

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Tonight on The Real Housewives of Orange County, the gang travels to L.A. to watch Heather's taping of Hot In Cleveland. 

Are Vicki and Tamra close to a truce? What does Gretchen think?

Find out all of that and more as we break down tonight's episode with our THG +/- review!

Noella Bergener Towers Over Jen

At Casa Dubrow, Heather's heading to work on the set of Hot In Cleveland. Terry's stepping it up to help her out. Way to go, Terry! Plus 10.

Tamra stops in at a jewelry store to look for wedding bands for Eddie. Her plan is to get the ball rolling so he'll follow suit. Her friend Lauri stops in to help her shop. The jeweler pours a glass of champagne to "loosen her up." Pretty sure it didn't take champagne. 

Lauri tells Tamra that her goal after marrying her husband George was to blend their family. Then she invokes She Who Will Not Be Named (Vicki) and Tamra tells Lauri all about how she was the only one who stood by Vicki and all the drama with Brooks.

Apparently Vicki breached confidences between Tamra and Simon and broke girl code. Minus 5

At Chez McLaughlin, Lydia's mom walks across the street to visit. They look at photos from Lydia's childhood and Lydia's mom says she's had some "human lapses." Glittermama's still smoking up. 

Lydia feels like her mom is choosing pot over her but mom just likes to get baked and run with the bunnies.

On the set of Hot In Cleveland, Heather has a table read with Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, and Wendi Malick. The table read goes well and Heather gets the laughs. Plus 5.

While Heather was at her table read, Alexis visited an acting school. After playing a news anchor on General Hospital, she's convinced she knows everything about being an actor. She's so uncomfortable when she's nervous. And she was incredibly nervous.

Terry's home with the kids and calls himself "very permissive." But he's handling it. Plus 8

The following morning, Terry makes coffee and gets the kids out the door for Heather. Plus 10.

Slade and Gretchen are checking out of a hotel in San Diego aftet taking a little trip for Gretchen's birthday. Instead of just whisking her away for a weekend, he also surprises her with a Rolls Royce. Except she sort of bought the car for herself with the help of their financial advisor.  So, happy birthday? 

In the limo on the way to Heather's taping, Lydia and Tamra talk about Lydia's mom. Tamra doesn't crack any inappropriate jokes or tell Lydia to lighten up. Plus 2. 

While everyone else heads to Heather's taping, Alexis heads to her first acting class. In her one-on-one she says she's excited. But her excitement looks a lot like nerves. 

She says acting comes naturally for her. She would be wrong. Minus 12.

Tamra finds out the taping might last from 5:00 p.m. until midnight and suddenly regrets her decision to tag along. She especially regrets it when she finds she's seated one seat away from Vicki. 

Gretchen and Slade aren't there yet and Heather knows it. Minus 15.

Lydia's very complimentary of Heather's acting, as is Vicki. Heather's rocking it! Plus 7.

Finally, Gretchen and Slade show up, but as soon as they're seated, they leave again to look at something on Slade's phone. They sneak back in just in time for Heather's awesome line "I'll cut you like bad bangs, bitch!"

After acting again, Heather feels like the pieces of her puzzle are in place. Plus 12

Tamra's not impressed with the fact that Slade bought Gretchen a Rolls Royce. Vicki can't say anything in the one-on-one except that she thinks Gretchen's stupid. 

Lydia instigates a conversation between Tamra and Vicki about the way they parted at the winery. They agree to sweep it all under the rug. Gretchen's a little miffed. Minus 8.

Terry makes a toast to Heather. He's inspired and amazed by her. Plus 12


The Real Housewives of Orange County Review

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