Rapper Faked Own Death? Warrant Out for Tim Dog

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On February 14, Timothy "Tim Dog" Blair was reported dead, with sources as reputable as Rolling Stone reporting he passed away from a diabetes-related seizure.

But Esther Pilgrim believes otherwise: she says the ex-rapper faked his death in order to swindle her out of $32,000.

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Blair and Pilgrim met through an online dating site and the former pleaded guilty in 2011 to defrauding Pilgrim into funding his supposedly resurrected music career.

Tim Dog was ordered to pay $19,000 in restitution over a five-year period, money he did fork over to Pilgrim in various installments… until his supposed death in February.

But Pilgrim had questions at the time, none of which have been answered.

"What city? Who found him? There was nothing with any type of concrete details," she says.

Now, prosecutor Steven Jubera is working with Pilgrim to have Blair's probation revoked and there is now a warrant out for his arrest.

“I need a death certificate showing that’s he’s dead because as far as I’m concerned, he’s alive," the lawyer told WREG this week.

Pilgrim says Tom Dog may have scammed many others around the world and owes over $2 million in total.

The artist shot to fame in 1991 with the song "F**k Compton," a track aimed at West Coast rappers Dr. Dre and N.W.A.

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