Mother of Kristen Stewart Obtains Restraining Order Against Wolf Howling Neighbor

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The mother of Kristen Stewart has gotten into a legal tussle with her neighbor, all because that neighbor insists Jules Stewart is raising wolves.

And not the kind that take their shirts off and save the day in The Twilight Saga.

According to official filings, Sue Bemi approached Jules on her property last month and screamed that her dogs were actually wolves who "belong in the mountains of Montana."

Kristen Stewart Smiles

Following a heated exchange between the women, Bemi continued to harass Stewart... by making “howling sounds, growls, chirps and other weird noises," riling up the canines in question.

Bemi - who wrote her legal documents by hand - alleges that Stewart has referred to the pets as wolves herself, but the 61-year old neighbor ended up losing this court battle:

A judge has granted Stewart a restraining order. Bemi must remain at least 100 yards away for a year.

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