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Lil Wayne will no longer be representing Mountain Dew.

PepsiCo cut ties with its popular pitchman Friday over his controversial lyric mentioning 1950s civil rights martyr Emmett Till in the crudest of ways.

“Beat that pu–y up like Emmett Till,” the 30-year-old rapped on Future’s “Karate Chop” remix, which was later pulled due to the offensive reference.

Donald and Wayne

Weezy recently apologized for (well, acknowledged) the controversy in a letter to Emmett Till‘s family, but that apparently did not go far enough.

PepsiCo released a statement asserting that Weezy’s “offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand.”


“We do not plan any additional work with Lil Wayne moving forward.”

Tunechi’s rep confirmed the split with the food and beverage corporation, but called it “an amicable parting” of ways due to “creative differences.”

When he was 14, Emmett Till was beaten beyond recognition in Mississippi in 1955 for allegedly whistling at a white woman and nothing more.

Epic Records removed the obscene lyric from the song and issued an apology, and Weezy said he will not be performing it in any way again.

Yet the Till family was still outraged by the lack of a sincere apology and called for Mountain Dew to sever its ties with the Young Money CEO.

Point, Till family.