Justin Bieber Featured on Anti-Minimum Wage Increase Billboard

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Justin Bieber is featured on a billboard in Los Angeles.

For a local tattoo parlor? For a new album? For the Chris Brown Fan Club?

Nope. For MinimumWage.com, an organization that believes a raise in the minimum wage will discourage business owners from hiring, which will negatively affect the unemployment rate among today's youth.

Justin Bieber Billboard

Reads the sign:

"Why is Justin Bieber so sad? Could it be because 24% of teens who want a job can't find one?"

We're guessing it's because Selena Gomez has left him lost and alone, but hey.

The ad then states that "teen unemployment makes us all sad" and that "raising the minimum wage will only make things worse."

It's unclear whether or not Bieber approved of his visage being used in such a manner, but we strongly doubt it.

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