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Jenelle Evans’ recent arrests for possession of heroin and assault may land her in jail for two years or more if convicted, according to a new report.

That’s harsh enough that even mom Barbara Evans might feel sorry for her.

The troubled Teen Mom 2 star was arrested with husband Courtland Rogers in April but the case is just getting underway today, her lawyer Dustin Sullivan said.

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“We are waiting for her to be indicted for a felony,” her attorney said.

The sentencing guidelines, if she’s convicted, “could be 25 months.”


Her next court date is July 1, and Sullivan said he expects the grand jury to indict her on felony charges either before then or shortly thereafter.

The 21-year-old Jenelle Evans has insisted, of course, that she is innocent of the charges, and that the entire situation is her estranged hubby’s fault.

“Jenelle is going to fight these charges hard because she wasn’t responsible, Courtland Rogers was,” the source said, adding that it was his house.

Or his parents’ house, to be precise (they’ve since been kicked out).

Speaking of Rogers, he’s still in jail, since he was on probation for assaulting Evans and their unborn child (she miscarried) at the time of his arrest.

He’s been unable to pay $50,000 in bail; Jenelle was released.

What the MTV star has been up to since? No one knows for sure.

You can bet that it hasn’t been helping raise Jace, though.