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On last week’s episode of Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares, loudmouth UK chef Gordon Ramsay paid a visit to Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Owners Samy and Amy Bouzaglo were apparently such a “nightmare” to work with that Ramsay canned them. Customers aren’t exactly fond of Amy’s either.

Yelp reviews call the restaurant itself “horrible” and accuse the owners of stealing waitresses’ tips … and of being tyrannical nut jobs on social media.

Not even Ramsay could convince the stubborn owner to change her behavior, which only became more evident after their exploits aired on Fox.

The show caught the attention of Reddit, whose users slammed the restaurant’s Facebook page with comments, triggering an epic social media meltdown.


Status updates directed at customers – using NSFW language and all CAPS – followed. That’s definitely a way to build a loyal customer base …

And on and on and on it went, spreading virally.

While most people know that feeding into online trolling (especially using CAPS LOCK) only makes it worse, the Bouzaglos seem to have missed that memo.

Just some food for thought. Pun intended.

UPDATE: The couple now claims they had nothing to do with these social media tirades and that their accounts are hacked. You believe that excuse?