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Rehtaeh Parsons, a 17-year old in Nova Scotia, hanged herself last week as the result of fallout from an alleged rape in 2011.

The teenager’s mother, Leah, told the CBC that four boys assaulted her daughter two years ago, even taking a photo of the incident and posting it online.

Leah took Rehtaeh – who battled anger and depression and had been hospitalized on at least one occasion between the rape and suicide – off life support on Sunday.

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After a year-long investigation, police concluded there was not sufficient evidence to pursue any charges against the culprits.

According to the CBC, countless comments were posted on a Facebook page set up in tribute to Parsons, urging someone be held accountable for this tragic death.

Nova Scotia Justice Minister Ross Landry said yesterday that he plans to meet with Leah soon to “discuss her experience with the justice system,” adding that he’s been reviewing details of the case and consulting with officials.

“I know that law enforcement and the public prosecution service do their best, every day, to administer and enforce the law,” Landry said in a statement. “I am committed to exploring the mechanisms that exist to review the actions of all relevant authorities to ensure the system is always working to the best of its ability, in pursuit of justice.”