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It’s been referred to as the southern Jersey Shore, but there’s officially nothing funny any longer about Buckwild.

Not after 21-year old star Shain Gandee was found dead in a truck today, his corpse discovered along with two others in a vehicle that was buried up to its windows in mud.

In response to the incident – along with separate recent arrests for cast members Salwa Amin and Michael Burford in connection with drugs and drunk driving, respectively – Danny Jones has a message for MTV.


“The show only enhances the negative stereotype the Kanawha Valley already has,” says the Mayor of Charleston, West Virginia. “I hope the show’s life is short.”

It is believed that Gandee, his uncle and an unidentified woman all died from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, though the Sheriff’s Office is yet to issue a report.

Just a few months ago, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin slammed the series as a “travesty” that makes money off shameful behavior; he urged MTV to cancel it even before it hit the air.

Do you now agree? Should MTV cancel Buckwild?