Kym Johnson: Nude For PETA!

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Dancing With the Stars' Kym Johnson is naked in a new ad for PETA, which is a good way to get people interested in PETA's causes. Well played, PETA.

Check out the Aussie stunner stripping down and condemning animal testing:

Posing with just her hot body and a bunny, Johnson says she was "shocked" to learn animal testing still exists, and felt inspired to join the cause.

"Be a Bunny's Belle of the Ballroom: Choose Cruelty-Free," a sexy Kym Johnson nude pic - she appears in print and video form - is captioned.

"Thousands of mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other animals are poisoned, burned and killed in cruel product tests each year," she goes on.

Kym Johnson admits she was a "bit nervous" but it was worth it after she began questioning whether animals were abused to create her own makeup.

"If showing a bit of skin creates some awareness, then it's definitely well worth it," she said, in a statement men everywhere can surely agree with.

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