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A crew team rowing in New York’s Hudson River rowed by a strange object that turned out to be a very large head … and left them scratching theirs.

Out on the river Monday morning, Marist College crew coach Matt Lavin was the first to spot the mysterious 7-foot-high, fiberglass-covered dome.

This thing is 4-5, as you can see in the video below:

Giant Head Floating in Hudson River

The ominous sighting gave the coach pause.


“[Lavin] was in a small motor boat beside the team,” Greg Cannon, director of public affairs for the Poughkeepsie school, told ABC News this week.

“He didn’t know what it was at first, but saw it was an obstruction that would have been in the way of the shipping channel. So he went out to investigate.”

Once he realized he wasn’t in an apocalypse movie and that it wouldn’t be terribly heavy, he wrapped a line around the foam and fiberglass head.

The crew team eventually towed it to shore and pulled it out.

“They pulled it in and it’s some kind of Styrofoam core with a fiberglass shell over it,” Cannon said. “Enough of the foam was exposed that it got water logged."

"Members of the team helped drag it up onto the dock.”

As for where the head came from, that’s still a mystery, but those who love conspiracies could have a field day. Cannon said he’s open to any theories.

His favorite so far? The head is from a Mardi Gras float, was washed away by Hurricane Katrina and, eight years later, somehow ended up in the Hudson.

There was also that more recent, and local, hurricane.

“It could have been washed away by Sandy,” he said.