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Dr. Conrad Murray is – again – proclaiming innocence when it comes to the death of Michael Jackson, telling Today in a phone interview that he’s not to blame.

Murray also says he hopes to practice medicine again some day. Even if he can legally pull that off, we can’t exactly envision the patients lining up …

Conrad Murray on Today

Speaking with the NBC morning show, Murray did say that he’s sorry Michael Jackson died, but he still says he is in no way responsible for his death.

Murray is sticking to his story, which did not play well with a jury in his manslaughter trial, that Michael Jackson killed himself with a fatal dose of Propofol.


Conrad is also potentially a key figure in the MJ wrongful death suit, though he has insisted he wants no part of that when it comes to either side.

The doc, who’s serving a four-year prison term, says he did not appeal it to shorten his sentence – though he would no doubt take it – but for another reason:

So he can restore his medical license and see patients again.

Again … we’re all for second chances and all, but … no.