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In multiple appearances over the past few weeks, Selena Gomez has said she’s single.

Not only that, she told David Letterman that she made Justin Bieber cry.

She told Ellen that she was looking for a new guy to make her laugh.

But it’s looking more and more like she simply cannot resist her delicious ex-boyfriend, as sources now confirm that not only did Selena land in Norway last night… she made her way straight to JB!

Following his concert in Oslo, an Us insider says Gomez was waiting for him backstage.


“They have a crazy connection,” a source says of Gomez and Bieber.

“They just can’t seem to break their connection. It can be intense.”

The couple split at the tail end of 2012, following a fight during a vacation in Mexico.

It went down just prior to New Year’s Eve and Bieber has seemingly been on a downward spiral ever since. Might Selena be the cure to whatever has ailed him? And are they officially back together?

All we can do is stay tuned, THGers! And vote in our poll:

Should Selena and Justin get back together?