Buckwild Star Dies from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Report

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New information is starting to trickle in regarding the death of Shain Gandee.

Found today inside a truck near Sissonville, West Virginia, authorities now confirm Shain was alongside his uncle and an unidentified female passenger.

Shain Gandee Photo

Because the 1984 Bronco is buried in a mud, law enforcement officials are still working on removing the bodies - but they confirm that Gandee may have passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The corpses were discovered by a passing ATV occupant, while the location of the truck is so remote that cell phone reception is blocked all around it.

Hence why no one in the party could be reached in the hours leading up to their passing.

If the exhaust pipe was covered in mud while the vehicle was running, sources close to the investigation say accidental carbon monoxide poisoning likely played a role in this tragedy.

But no official word yet from the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office.

UPDATE: Authorities have removed the bodies and also confirmed the vehicle was buried in mud all the way up to its windows.

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