Bill Clinton: Sort of on Twitter!

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Bill Clinton has finally joined Twitter!

Sort of. Thanks to Stephen Colbert.

Billy Jeff Clinton

In a hilarious interview live from the Clinton Global Initiative, The Colbert Report pundit persuaded the 42nd president to open up a Twitter account.

Colbert took the liberty of activating @PresBillyJeff, a shorter version of his full name, William Jefferson Clinton ... the better ones were all taken.

"Now President Clinton was taken. William Jefferson Clinton was taken. But PrezBillyJeff is available," Colbert informed the amused ex-President.

"Would you like to break into the 21st century right now and send your first tweet?" he asked, and Hillary Clinton's husband obliged. What did he write?

"Just spent amazing time with Colbert! Is he sane? He is cool! #cgiu," tweeted Bill, though Colbert did the typing and added the Clinton Global Initiative hashtag.

Clinton Twitter

The account description also has Colbert's fingerprints on it. It reads: "I am President William Jefferson Billy Jeff Rodham Clinton. Stephen Colbert is my BFF."

How badass is Clinton? He has over 68,000 followers after bombing out only that one Tweet, and he only follows a single person on that piece.

Stephen Colbert, of course.

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