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What does a $2 million pizza look like? Does it have gold leaf and saffron-infused white truffles?

Is the cheese made from the milk of a thousand duck-billed platypuses?

Is the sauce the really good Newman’s Own stuff with the garlic and basil?

No! None of that! It looks like this:

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According to Motherboard, the pizza was purchased by Mike Lazio back in May of 2010 using an online currency called Bitcoins (BTC). 10,000 BTC to be exact.


At the time, a BTC equaled about .3 cents, meaning that Lazio spent about $30 on it when he took to the Bitcoin forum to make an offer: you order me pizza in the real world, I’ll give you 10,000 BTC.

It was the first time a real-world transaction had actually occurred using the virtual currency, and is believed to have sparked the intense inflation that has caused one single BTC to rise to about $234.

So do the math: 10,000 BTC at $234 each means that if Lazio had kept that money instead of spending it on Pizza, he’d be sitting on an extra $2.34 million.

Hopefully he enjoyed the pizza. I bet he could have found a lot of homemade pizza recipes that cost a lot less than $2.34 million to make.