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The fourth and likely last season Teen Mom 2 is more turbulent than ever.

Last week, we learned one of the fab four may be pregnant, while another might leave her fiance for her ex, and Jenelle Evans … she’s just in her own world.

What did this week’s episode have to offer on these and other fronts?

Let’s break it down in THG’s weekly +/- Teen Mom 2 recap!

Cheyenne Floyd and Her Shadow

Leah Messer is still torn between her baby daddy and ex-husband Corey Simms and new fiance Jeremy Calvert – and toying with both of them as a result.

Minus 40 because while she does have feelings for both and you can’t fault what her heart feels, the way she’s reacting to said feelings is marginal.


Since Corey “makes her family complete,” she cannot shake the idea of trying to make it work, even though IT DIDN’T WORK THE FIRST TIME.

And there’s the matter of Jeremy Calvert, just waiting for her. “If I was him, I’d already left my a**!” Leah tells friend Kayla. Minus 60 girl. We would too.

When Jeremy is out of town for work, she meets with Corey and they both put it all out there and attempt to make a decision one way or the other.

Corey worries she will cheat again, but she says she wants to see if they can make this work now that they are adults (by the legal definition at least).

Leah Messer tells Jeremy she wants to go to counseling with Corey to see where their relationship stands. At this point, her current fiance has had enough.

“That pretty much means we’re done?” Jeremy says, then asks for his ring back. Leah obliges. He says goodbye to the girls and he’s gone. Minus 100.

Big mistake, L. Big mistake.

Jenelle Evans, having broken up with Gary Head, hears that Kieffer Delp is getting out of jail, and wants to have him come visit her. GREAT IDEA JENELLE!

Minus 200 because she’ll have to pay for his bus ticket, of course. This and other things are not lost on her mom Barbara, who thankfully calls her out.

Jenelle tries to tell her that Kieffer Delp is “more mature” now. Minus 50 if she actually believes that or she’s lying and thinks Babs is going to accept it.

On the bright side, she’s now off probation! Plus 100!

So she can finally hang out with Kieffer! Minus 50.

Delp says he got his GED, which is a huge plus (for what, we don’t know), and is excited to see her because he needed a break (from what, we don’t know).

Minus 250 for this obviously ending badly.

Chelsea Houska is doing well in cosmetology school and seems happy, until Adam Lind calls, at which point she becomes a mess and drops everything else.

Of course, he bails on coming to visit.

And of course, he’s lying. Even though Adam says he’s “too tired” to hang out with Chelsea, she sees on Facebook that he’s actually at a movie.

Minus 50 for Facebook stalking, and for giving away your own lie on there. These two deserve each other in many ways, but she needs to move on.

Fortunately, she is not pregnant. Plus 200.

Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera work to co-parent their son Isaac, and as such they must attend court-ordered co-parenting classes. Good. Plus 50.

Jo Rivera even tells his mom that the classes will be a positive step for them because they need to learn to co-parent together without all the drama.

Smart guy – or at least not stupid – when push comes to shove.

Not as thrilled about this? Javi Marroquin, who perceives this as Kailyn defending Jo after their physical altercation. We like that he’s a little protective.

Plus 30, because Kailyn must too. They’re married now!

Signing up for classes for the next semester, Kail says she can only handle two classes at a time, even if it means finishing community college in 5-6 years.

Plus 40 for going through the effort at all, but Minus 70 for not figuring out the right career path ahead of time. Come on Kail. No point unless you FOCUS.