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New York State Assemblyman Steve Katz (R) has been charged with drug possession after a Thursday morning traffic stop on the NYS Thruway.

“After noting the odor of marijuana, a New York State Trooper found Katz in possession of a small bag of marijuana,” a State Police’s press release states.

Steve Katz, 59, is due back in court March 28.

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Katz said he “will not let this incident impede my public service and my calls for mandate relief, a better economic climate and better services for those in need in New York.”


“This should not overshadow the work I have done over the years for the public … I am confident that once the facts are presented that this will quickly be put to rest.”

It’s unclear what those facts are, but the case is notable in part because Katz currently sits on the Assembly’s Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Committee.

The Lower Hudson Valley lawmaker also ran unsuccessfully last year for state Senate against his former ally, Sen. Greg Ball, in a bare-knuckle campaign.

Among the revelations? Katz, a veterinarian, was once been arrested for putting a dead dog in a dumpster, and for allegedly harming a feisty chihuahua during an exam.

No charges were brought in either incident.