Pia Rizza Nude Photos: Leaked on Purpose By Mob Wives Chicago Star!

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Mob Wives Chicago star Pia Rizza is responding to reports that naked photos of her are being shopped around ... but putting them out there herself!

Talk about a preemptive strike.

Pia Rizza Photo

Pia tells TMZ, which published the pics with her consent, that she took them sometime last year, while still filming Mob Wives and sent them to her boyfriend.

Her goal? To get some feedback on whether she had the appropriate stuff for a potential Playboy spread (probably to get it in later that night too).

The photos somehow got in the wrong hands, and Rizza says someone is trying to sell them without her permission. So now she's taking command.

She doesn't want anyone making money off of her image if it's not her, first off ... and yeah, she's still hoping Playboy will notice, so here you go:

Pia Rizza Nude

Gotta admire her honesty if nothing else.

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