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The NFL’s Miami Dolphins have a new logo.

One they meant to unveil April 25 but leaked.

Dolphins CEO Mike Dee made it official Wednesday, saying that the logo that has made the rounds on Internet in recent days is the real deal:

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet
(Getty Images)

Over the weekend the logo was leaked when one of the team’s players was wearing a T-shirt with the new design in a Twitter pic. Ah, the Digital Age.

Also on Wednesday, the NFL’s official website accidently posted the new logo on its “Predict the Draft Pick” page. That page was quickly taken down.

Featuring a meaner and sleeker looking dolphin, the logo is still similar to Miami’s traditional look as the marine mammal is cascading across a sunburst.

Whether it will help them swim past New England is another story. New logo or not, Ryan Tannehill is still the one wearing it when he lines up under center.