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Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King made headlines last week when she resigned her crown in the wake of allegations that she starred in a porn video.

Those allegations have since been confirmed … by a second video.

Melissa King Video

The production company responsible for King’s (reportedly frigid) porn skills seeing the light of day posted a clip of her signing a legal release on camera.

In the SFW footage (below), a fully clothed woman identifies herself as Melissa King and says she’s not under the influence of drugs or mind-altering substances.

The footage is titled "Miss Teen Delaware Confession."


Melissa King, who resigned from her title early last week, was reportedly paid just $1,500 to appear in the adult video – and was declined a role in a sequel.

A representative for the site that posted the video said King not only approached them (not the other way around), but would have done more, too.

The company was unimpressed by her debut, however.

King initially denied appearing in the porn film, telling Delaware Online that the woman in the video was "absolutely not" her. Of course, it totally is.

Numerous Tweets she’s posted since the story broke (not to mention the relinquishing of the crown), all but confirmed it, even if she didn’t confess.

Whatever. If Kim Kardashian is any indication, a young girl can land on her feet quite nicely after landing on all fours on an amateur-looking sex video.