Man Tattoos Pitbull, Defends Actions as Dog Lover

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Ernesto Rodriguez has chosen an unusual way to show affection for his pitbull, Duchess.

The disabled Iraq war veteran posted a photo to Facebook this week of a tattoo on the canine's belly. It is a crest meant to signify its bloodline and it has drawn the ire of many animal lovers around the country.

Pittbull Tattoo

"I love my dogs," Rodriguez told WXII12-TV in Winston-Salem, explaining that Duchess was asleep and sedated when inked.

"There's people out there saying that I'm cruel, that I hurt my dogs, that I don't love my dogs ... that I should be in jail. I paid a lot of money for my dogs and I take care of them."

Having been made aware of the incident, the Stokes County Health Department and Animal Control department visited the owner and did not file any charges.

"What a waste of tax payers money," Rodriguez wrote on Facebook in response to that visit. "So I'm still gonna tattoo my dogs whenever I del like it… good try, haters, thanks for all the advertisement."

And it could be worse, really. Rodriguez could have gotten himself a face tattoo after just one date.

What do you think? Is it wrong to tattoo one's pet?

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