Lindsay Lohan to Stick With Maligned Lawyer; Key Witnesses Called to Testify

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Lindsay Lohan is sticking with maligned lawyer Mark Heller in her upcoming trial, while witnesses are being subpoenaed to testify against her.

She apparently doesn't care that the celebrity news media - and the JUDGE - think Heller is a bumbling fool. The troubled star says "It's all lies."

Sure it is.

Troubled Star

Judge James Dabney said bluntly that if she sticks with Heller, she has to waive her right under California law to a competent legal representation.

How's that for a vote of confidence!

SIDE NOTE: Father of the Decade Michael Lohan reportedly reached out to his daughter and offered to pay for a new lawyer. She turned him down.

Heller was absolutely berated at a pretrial hearing in the case, just weeks after Lohan fired longtime lawyer Shawn Holley for unknown reasons.

Maybe he's just trying to set expectations so low he can't help but shine at trial? In any case, the man does not give the impression that he has a clue.

Lindsay has 12 days to change her mind, because her criminal trial kicks off on March 18. She faces up to eight months in jail for lying to police.

That also triggered a probation violation, because the terms of her probation require her to obey all laws, which she has a major problem doing.

While there's been talk of her avoiding jail and rehab in a plea deal, nothing has been finalized, and the D.A. looks ready to try the case if needed.

Her former assistant Gavin Doyle ready to testify against her, as are her bodyguard and hotel staff who saw her the day of her infamous car crash.

Lohan wrecked her car on the Pacific Coast Highway in June and said Doyle was driving. Officials believe Lindsay was in fact behind the wheel.

The bodyguard is described as "a reluctant witness and doesn’t want to testify, but he has no choice in the matter now as he has been subpoenaed.”

Hotel staffers have also been subpoenaed and are expected to testify that they saw the 26-year-old star get behind the wheel that day, not Doyle.

Word of advice, Lindsay Lohan. The deck is completely stacked against you here (entirely of your own doing, but still). Open your eyes, girl.

Take the plea deal. Any plea deal. And go to rehab already.


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