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Earlier today we reported that Lindsay Lohan was accused of stealing from the set of Anger Management. Now, she’s claiming that she didn’t steal, she bought!

Lindsay Lohan, who was apparently a nightmare to work with during her guest spot on Anger Management, walked off with clothing and jewelry from the wardrobe department.

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Now the actress claims that she had made a deal to with the show’s producers that she could take whatever she wanted, and they would just deduct it from her salary.

Even if that were true, what a strange deal. Where ever you go, you can just take stuff, and it’ll get figured out later? If us ‘normies’ acted like that, the economy would crumble.

While Lohan told her friends that she did nothing wrong, sources from the show told TMZ that Lohan walked off with the goods before there was any discussion about it. The wardrobe person was put in an uncomfortable position, so just offered to deduct the items from Lohan’s salary.

Who to believe? The crazed celeb with a history of addiction and reckless behavior? Or the wardrobe person on an FX show who’s just doing her job? Hmm…