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Jennifer Love Hewitt was once a Maxim staple, and remains a reader favorite.

To commemorate Maxim’s 16th anniversary, the magazine’s readers were polled on which cover girl was the hottest in the publication’s storied history.

The Client List star and her $5 million boobs won out.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Covers Up

“Oh my God, I’m so excited, I think it’s really awesome, I’m such a big fan,” she said.

“At 34, to be considered sexy is a big deal. Because you start to wonder!”


She hinted that there’s more to come, too: “I promise to keep it sexy. I want another cover! I’ve done four, and I think I’ve got a good seven covers left.”

We doubt Maxim would receive too much hate mail if they agreed.

Check out some of the hottest Jennifer Love Hewitt pics below!