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Jay Leno was at it again last night.

The Tonight Show host, who some believe will be forced out after his contract is up in the spring of 2014, pissed off NBC last week by mocking the network’s pathetic ratings.

But an exchange of emails with executive Robert Greenblatt apparently did nothing to quell Leno’s anger with his bosses. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Leno has made headlines once again for railing against NBC, referring to the higher-ups as "snakes" in the following segment from his most recent monologue:

Robert Greenblatt
Jay Leno Slams NBC Executives

The latest rumor as Leno "retiring" early next year, with Jimmy Fallon moving up an hour and filling The Tonight Show hosting gig.

It’s unclear who would then take over at 12:35 a.m., but Howard Stern has made it clear: it will NOT be him.