Imaginary Friend Photo Prank: L.A. Passersby Get Straight Up Confused, Kind of Scared

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We've all asked random strangers to snap photos of us with friends before, but prankster Magic of Rahat just added a hilarious twist to this time-honored ritual.

He and a friend camped out on LA's Sunset Strip and asked strangers for a pic ... with only one guy posing with his arm around an imaginary friend.

The clearly weirded-out peeps oblige, after which Rahat shows the resulting photo to them and says, "Hang on, take another, my friend's eyes are closed."

The photographer is then shown an image, previously taken, containing his actual friend in the same pose, leading to some confused, insanity-inducing reactions:

If you swear you recognize Rahat, at least you are not crazy.

He was also the genius behind the invisible driver prank.