Dennis Rodman Drops Kim Jong Un Secret: He's Got a Baby Girl!

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Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea may have been worth something after all.

In a Tuesday interview with The Sun, the retired NBA star revealed that Kim Jong Un is the father of a baby girl! If true, that is a major state secret.

“[Ri Sol Ju] kept talking about their beautiful baby daughter,” Rodman said.

Rodman, Kim

There's been speculation that the couple had a baby girl, but Pyongyang has yet to officially acknowledge any potential heirs to Kim Jong Un's regime.

While it is believed Ri Sol Ju gave birth recently, no one knows for sure.

North Korea Leadership Watch editor Michael Madden said that the North Korean government "would have made an announcement” if the child was a boy.

Rodman added, per The Sun, that Ri Sol Ju, Kim's wife, was "very elegant and quite tall for a Korean - 5'5" ... your chief intelligence officer, everyone.

A recent United Nations report found that more than a quarter of North Korean children suffer stunted growth as a result of chronic malnutrition.

Rodman visited the reclusive leader at the end of February. At the conclusion of the trip, the basketball star spoke glowingly of Kim to members of the media.

"I love him," Rodman said. "The guy's really awesome."

Whatever Rodman's perspectives may be, however, he doesn't seem to have won much support for either side among their longtime adversaries.

The regime recently posted on YouTube several crudely made propaganda videos, featuring dramatized depictions of military attacks on the U.S.

Real normal.

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