Curtis Finch Jr. Reacts to American Idol Elimination

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One American Idol results show down involving the Top 10 of Season 12, one shocker in the books.

To the surprise of many - Nicki Minaj very much included - Curtis Finch Jr. was given the boot from this Fox competition last night, as the judges did not vote unanimously to save him and viewers did vote to say goodbye to the aspiring artist.

Curtis Finch, Jr. Eliminated

In an exit interview with reporters backstage, Finch shared his thoughts on the experience and the ousting:

On Minaj threatening to walk out in support: That's mind-blowing to me! When she said it, I was like, "Whoa! Make your coins! Get your check." See, that will make me tune in, because I have really transitioned now from a contestant to an American person that's watching the show. So I want to see her when I turn on "American Idol." So I'm glad she didn't walk off.

On advice from Mariah Carey: She was really just telling me to stay encouraged and to remain consistent and to remain 100 percent authentic, which I think I've been presenting myself to be to America this whole time. And so I feel like the job is done.

How did Candice Glover take the news? Not well. And if we talk about it too long, neither will I.. I love her so much, because she has an incredible gift -- just like the other 8 contestants that are left. So she'll be fine, because the tears are going to have to be wiped away tonight so she can kill next week!

What are his post-American Idol plans? I wanna work with Usher... There is a long list that you don't have enough tape for me to tell you all that. I really just want to be successful and I really want to make America proud. This is the best stage, I feel like. Because there are so many things you get to do, so many people you get to meet!

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