Chris Brown on Rihanna's Pu$$y: Just a Song, No Actual Ownership Implied

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Chris Brown claims his assertion last week that he owns Rihanna's lady parts was just an impromptu song he broke out into on stage, nothing more.

Last Thursday at Emerson Theatre in Hollywood, Brown gave the crowd some advice on women, and basically crooned that Rihanna's pu$$y is his.

(The fired up R&B star also told the crowd to go f--k Drake.)

Chris is now claiming the musical rant was all a fun song, however.

Brown was leaving Lure nightclub in L.A. when TMZ brought up the incident, which he brushed off. "It's a song ... it's a song ... that's all it is," he said.

Funny? Serious? Harmless song? Subtly serious message to Rih?

You be the judge.

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