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It’s been quite the week for Chris Brown, who’s been involved in a series of near-dustups – and apparently has yet to bury the hatchet with rival Drake.

After attending a charity benefit at an L.A. bowling alley and exploding at the valet last night, Brown made his way to Hollywood’s Emerson Theatre.

There, he became disgruntled when a DJ played some Drake.

Chris Brown in 2021

According to witnesses, around 1:20 a.m., Brown hopped up from his center table under the DJ booth and requested the mic to speak to the crowd.

The DJ had Drake’s song, “Started from the Bottom,” cued up when CB ordered the DJ to stop playing it. Addressing the crowd, he shouted eloquently:

“The DJ can play this s–t, but I want you all to know, F–k Drake!”


He proceeded to give everyone in attendance the finger.

Brown then began freestyle rapping, treating the audience to a full performance of “As You Were” and followed by his hit “Turn Up the Music.”

What seemed to be a single performance then turned into an all-out, full impromptu concert also featuring “Beautiful People” and five additional songs.

Even more random? NFL star and former Kim Kardashian boy toy Reggie Bush even ran up on stage to take the mic, acting as Brown’s hype man.

Even more random still? Brown had a bottle of Ace of Spades rose sent over to NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, who was celebrating his birthday.

Possibly the most random of all? Chris Pine was there.

Anyway, after getting pulled off the stage around 2 a.m., Brown proceeded to pull his orange hoodie up over his head and walked out to the Harlem Shake.

Just another day in the life – one which began in Bermuda with a fight with his bodyguard, then led to the valet beef at PINZ, then ended here.

With Breezy, there’s hardly ever an uneventful moment.

As for his aforementioned musical / nightclub rival, Drake was probably too busy making it rain at the strip club to comment or care at this point.