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He and Drake may still have some unresolved conflict (to put it politely), but Chris Brown and Meek Mill are all good after the nightclub brawl last year.

Brown and Mill, who squared off in the massive fight that involved their entourages as well as Drake, were seen in Charlotte last weekend. All was well.

The duo, interestingly, was at Cameo Nightclub – the same spot where none other than Drake made it rain to the tune of $50K showered on strippers.

Chris Brown in 2021

Witnesses say Meek Mill was one of the instigators behind the bottle-hurling brawl between Chris and Drake – a fact someone might want to tell Tony Parker.

The NBA star is suing W.i.P. nightclub for even allowing Chris in the door, while Brown and Drake are both trying to legally pin the incident on the other.

In any case, CB and Meek shook hands at Cameo and put their now-infamous beef – which allegedly broke out over Rihanna – to rest once and for all.

No peace offering with Drake, though.